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Ten Ways Men Damage Their Reputation

These days, your reputation can be trashed more easily than ever before, thanks to the Internet. One Instagram picture, one Facebook comment, one tweet, one poor moment of judgment, or one accusation, is all it takes to leave a lasting mark in a place where nothing ever disappears. A single instance of bad behavior, even if you think it’s not a big deal, may haunt you forever and it’s simply best to be on your guard and second guess things whether it’s a good idea.

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Resort Attire: Resort Casual & Resort Evening Dress Code Guide

Resort attire or resort wear is a dress code that is established around the globe. It’s even the basis for an annual collection of couture fashion designers who focus just on this segment because a lot of people want to look stylish even when they relax.


You’ll most likely find it in the country clubs or nice resorts or hotels that want to make sure that guests don’t show up in board shorts for dinner. Sometimes, the dress code resort wear can be ambiguous because different hotels or resorts define it differently. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind, the more posh or upscale an establishment is, the more formal the dress code is likely going to be.

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Gentleman of Style: David Gandy

Model, blogger, pilot: He has done many things, but David Gandy’s claim to fame is mostly due to his looks and style. Meet this Gentleman of Style, voted “Most Stylish Man of 2015” by the British GQ magazine, among many other accolades.

Early Days

Understated in T-shirt and jacket

Understated in T-shirt and jacket

He was born David James Gandy in Billericay, Essex (1980) to upper-middle-class parents who owned properties and companies. In an interview for the British Express, he said, “The best things my parents taught me were… the things I learned when they took us traveling. It’s when my sister and I were educated, really. We were in Africa, South America, the Galapagos and the Amazon rainforest – all around the world  – and we just learned a lot culturally and about differences in the world and different races and cultures. We were very fortunate.”

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How Many Suits Does A Gentleman Need?

Let us once and for all, definitively, answer the question on how many suits a man needs.

It all depends on your environment, your budget, and other considerations that you have to make. So that’s not very helpful and because of that, we put together four different profiles of different men with different needs and requirements, and we walk you through exactly what kind of suit you need, what style, what color, what fabric, so you always look the part and you have exactly the right suit for the right occasion.

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